February 28, 2011

15 yrs and 17 months

They have put a warm sunny smile back on a slightly down day
They have inspired hours of thumb painting fun and art
Their bilinguals got Anush interested in Hindi and Tamil
They have helped me teach a few simple life's lessons to Anushka
They have empowered Anush to read and Aditi to look up 'bujuks' with their colours
And they have given me stimulus for many of my ST posts- both in person and through their books.

Tulika has been a boon to the Artnavy household. Run a search and you will see loads of old posts on them. It is our favourite gift- to give and to get. Thanks Tulika for being there. Happy 15th Birthday. Wish you many more years of creativity and originality and of course success.

Speaking of birthdays, Aditi turned 17 months on 25th Feb.

She walks, communicates, talks and is a huge fan of her maternal grandpa. She sways beautifully to music, folds her hands in a namaste when she sees lamps and God pictures( and a big blow up of a man doing bhangra). She loves being outdoors and plays pranks ( she does really). She is adept at Zolo and at kicking soft balls.

She is no angel. She is attracted to open bathrooms and 'clean' potty water and keeps everyone on their toes. Aditi can throw a mean tantrum by walking off in a huff to a corner and waiting for someone to come get her. She closes her own ears when she is throwing a crying fit.

But overall she is more a lovable imp than a demon.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog regularly off late. I would like to know where I can get Tulika books in Bangalore ? Especially Bangalore South.
I am very interested in trying them out.

sandhya said...

Aditi is a sweety-pie. No matter what you say!:)
And this is such a characteristic post, Art. You have said all that I said in an extremely wordy post about Tulika in such few words! And some more. Wonderful.

Tulika Publishers said...

Thank you Arthi! We are feeling very loved:)
@Sandhya You wrote a post? When, where, how? How come we missed it?

Artnavy said...

Sandhya- your post was wonder"full" as well

Words don't suffice for the Tulika bird!!

Artnavy said...

Anon- Tulika books can be bought online- the best way

else at sutradar, booksfor change, mother earth for sure

and at some crosswords odyssey landmark- not very sure

DC said...

LOL at Aditi doing a namaste in front of the bhangra blow up:-) how cute is that :-))

sandhya said...

Hop over, Tulika, and read it!

Choxbox said...

LOL at namaste to the bhangra chap! Totally cute!

Please tell me which morning you are free. Want to see her :( :)

Choxbox said...

@Anon: Landmark in The Forum mall in Koramangala has tons of Tulikas.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Thanks for all replies. Ordered the first bilingual book from Tulika website and it arrived yesterday. Both the kids loved the book, with its pictures and new words.
Will also visit Landmark over the weekend sometime soon.