June 16, 2010

Little fingers, little frocks and Bondapalli

Got Bondapalli and Little fingers at Full circle in Chennai. I still find it easier to shop in Chennai despite the whirlwind trips.

Got Anush and Aditi really lovely clothes from Fashion Hut. Where does one get good Mother care/ etc kind of rejects in Blore? I do not believe in shelling out too much for clothes which get outgrown in a couple of months....yet I like the smart cut/ prints that these brands offer.

Met with Uma of Adya fame and also my inspiring ex boss turned mentor and friend. Gifted him the Looking at Art series from Tulika. He was zapped.

I find not many people are aware of Tulika's good work. Girl, are you listening?


Anonymous said...

Header pic is too gud.. Aditi's smile is cute..


apu said...

Orange Peel - on Infantry Cross Rd? (road behind Safina Plaza)They are less pricey than they look.

artnavy said...

thanks kokila

apu- what a lovely name... come over... let us go together ??

sandhya said...

What a lovely colour co-ordinated picture! And hear you totally about your getting shopping done in Chennai inspite of whirlwind trips. I move to Bangalore 15 yrs ago, and I still do a lot of my shopping when I go to Mumbai.
Not exactly mothercare, but you get excellent export rejects at a place called Cocktail in Koramangala 3rd block, opposite G.K.Vale.

Tulika Publishers said...

Dear evangelist for Tulika: We all love you. Also, we're really, really mad at you. You came to Full Circle? Which is all of a three-minute drive away from the Tulika office? Not fair at all. Next time, you are invited to stop over at Tulika and say hi to all of us. Ok? Ok.

artnavy said...

sandhya- i go even more berserk in bombay
will check out cocktail

tulika bird- was not sure u would be there

last visit i was told u do nmorning half orsome such- i had got some 40 books that visit to your office

also had cake at chamiers beckoning me!!

How do we know said...

wow.. i loved the new header pic too.. and have u heard to Chitralakshana by NBT? Again.. well researched and subsidised books.. Chitralakshana is my fave of all times.. same thing - indian art for children. They also have a book on Indian crafts, but its not a notch on the Chitralakshana book.. u may want to look at it.. i learnt abt the richness of Indian miniature art from this book.

Shankari said...

Love the reds and yellows and the cute little smiles :) There are so many reasons I heart this blog, but now another reason is I am learning so much about the city I love! Thanks to your blog and the recommendations,my mother is going to have some fun time shopping for Narad :)

Also so true about Tulika. Not too many people have heard about them!

VJ said...

lovely lovely header pic !!!
too good.
I got to know about Tulika only through blogs.Cant wait to get some for VK on my upcoming trip.
hope you make these chennai trips in July and August too. would love to meet you.

artnavy said...

will get that howdoweknow

thanks shankari and vj- will await u guys...

Arundhati said...

Like Shankari said, I am discovering b'lore and all that it has to offer, thanks to u !

About Tulika, I totally agree. First of all, it is not easy to get to know about them. Then, once u do, its not easy to get the copies that u want :( Any suggestions? Anyway I am really pleased that we have books like these, only wish there were some good movies for young people too.

The Print Lover said...

Aww look at those chubby hands and legs. Cuddly!

Choxbox said...

cute header!

bondapalli is a huge hit here. we even made some bondas to go with the story :) we read little fingers as well in the store.

tulika office is on the agenda on the next chennai trip. though i do get most of their books in one or the other bookstore. you do have to dig a bit since most good books are hidden away. also you can easily order them through their website.
else if you call the chennai office they will give you details of the main distributor in bangalore.

Uma said...

Was it red day or something :) - that pic is so bright and sunny!
It was good meeting you - hope you are able to join us for breakfast next time...

artnavy said...

anush often gets us to colour coordinate - hence the RED!!

Uma- it was lovely seeing you

chox- yes bondapalli was good- little fingers needs a younger audience than anush- will save it for aditi

AA_Mom said...

Nice header pic. I will use your comment form to pitch my question. Does anyone have any idea where to get these export & Mothercare rejects in Hyd.

Choxbox said...

@AA_Mom: Do let me also know in case you find out.

Timepass said...

hey art, just check out Cotton House near Thiruvanmiyur signal (next to hot chips)..they have export surplus garments at reasonable prices..but its a bit crowded specially on weekends..

artnavy said...

For everyone's ref ( based on a chain mail on cheap nice clothes for kids in BLORE that coincidently was sent to me today)

Max (at Spar) and Oasis Centre Koramangala
Max! good stuff!- reasonable and cute!-
Crystal doesn't have a shop as such. They hold sales- at Safina Plaza once, at somewhere near Sivananda Circle
Mota Royal MG Rd
a shop adjacent to Blossom on Church St
Favourite Shop's
Half-Price sales on Commercial Street and Jayanagar..around Dussehra time and Ugadi time
Fifth Avenue at the end of Brigade Road where you get export surplus
Cocktail in kormangala opposite anand floor on 1st floor i like

ranjani.sathish said...

Hi Art !
My first comment here ! Crystal has a shop in J.P nagar 24th main...it is a shop tucked in a small lane after the various Sobha apartments. Some of the girls t-shirts, tights are really good and I keep going back there for my kids. I have seen "Mother care" undergarments too for kids at a very reasonable price. Thanks for the pointer to the other places.

Artnavy said...

So delighted to see u here- welcome- thanks for the directions.

Anonymous said...

Try this place called Ben Store at RT nagar. Mother care kind of clothes quite cheap (age group until 4-5yrs)-TM