November 18, 2010

Pepper it up!

Just love fresh black pepper coarsely powdered and put on pasta, salads, rasam and also on omelette. Too much and I find it annoying. But the right amount can lift the mundane to an altogether new level. Remember the Tulika story The Runaway Peppercorn....And what do you think of pepper? Is it your friend or foe?

What is a pepperpot?

Don't really know the culinary dish but here is a wonderful book we read recently by the same name -reviewed at ST- Mrs Pepperpot.

Met with Sandhya and saw her delightful home, Amazing book collection and chivda and adorable child A. I need cupboards like hers soon, since I went berserk at the Book Fair! I made it even if was for just under 2 hrs.

Here is a pic- see Aditi in the corner in rapt attention listening to Jeeva aunty!! The reluctant deer is missing though.


Niv said...

even I lurrve it!

DC said...

oh look at aditi!! she is so engrossed!! super.

Choxbox said...

Jeeva is a superstar indeed! Have a pic - just her and me :)

A is uber cute. I so miss that stage!

latha said...

who needs a bookshelf, i have a amazon kindle and it has 600 books. Try it Art, you will like it for bigger kids. same as paper type, no lcd no strain. there are plenty of 8+ yr old book

Simran said...

Book fair..... waahh! I want to go but somehow that just ain't happening. will have to convince the dad to look after the 2 year old while i visit ;)