April 27, 2010

Writing on the Wall

The generous bird Tulika, flew by a few days ago with this book by Urmila Shastry, for just participating in the blogathon on mother tongue!!

Our bi lingual is in Hindi. It is a good way to introduce words and associated words and also simple drawings. It comes at a time when Anush is very curious about Hindi equivalents.

So yet another book to be treasured from the Tulika stable!!

Talking of black boards, from my school days , I recall how I would ensure that the board was scrubbed clean and a thought for the day written on a corner. I even got myself a book called This day in History just so that i would have some thing interesting to share each day.

This was before the time when chalks need to be dustless and boards have turned white and markers are the norm not chalk!!!

Even slates with wood frames are rare to come by nowadays... can you tell me where I can get one?


Itchingtowrite said...

slates with plastic frame is available...any shop u shud get it. the sabji mandi wallahs hang the prices naa.
we used to hav metal frames- sharp edged

Choxbox said...

slates you should get anywhere - chennapatna ones are cool.

and we also have that book in hindi-english. totally cool. there's another by tulika called k se kapda, thats also nice.

Artnavy said...

itchy- particular about wooden frame
plastic frames i have seen

chox-pick up two for me whenever okay- where do u get chennapatna stuff in blore?

k se kapde is wonderful - anush loves tracing the hidden letter in the picture

Shankari said...

Interestingly, I saw a chalk board with wooden frame, albeit a small one, at the craft store couple of days ago... I will get it for Anush and Aditi..

Oh! just noticed ChoxBox talking about chennapatna ones.. can you please tell me where to get them? My folks will buy them for me..


starry eyed said...

Pretty sure I saw biggish slates with wooden frames, more like blackboards at Landmark in Garuda Swagath mall. I bought the smaller plastic bordered one...Dhruv is most pleased.

Chox, tell where u get the channapatna ones, pliss!

Nice review Art, should be useful for Dhruv in a year's time.

sandhya said...

A has a lovely blackboard with a wooden standup frame,handpainted and decorated, with a whiteboard on the other side. It also has a small shelf on each side to keep chalks, duster, etc. I got it from a lady called Mithika who specialises in handmade gifts. Can mail you her number if you like. I think she has shifted shop to some far-off outskirts of Bangalore.
I think I have also seen blackboards with wooden frames at the William Penn outlet at Koramangala.

Just Like That said...

People, Channapatna ones will be got in - Channapatna of course :-P *runs before I get beaten up*

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Uma said...

Oh I miss the black slate and the chalk or the bulpam as they call it in collq. Tamil - its texture is unparalleled! I hate the slippery smoothness of the more modern options....

Choxbox said...

JLT: dont run away - you are actually right!

starry: shankari - there is a cafe called indradhanush on bangalore-mysore highway. right next to it is a chennapatna toys shop - thats where i'd got it.

art: will pick it up for sure whenever i go around there - though that may take a while, you know why.

sandhya: you get those types in a lot of places (albeit minus the lovely paintwork but hey the kid can do it herself no?!) - for example in this bookshop called axis in domlur. a friend had recently got one from there.

sandhya said...

Trust you, Chox, to find an activity opportunity here too. I'm sure you remember the board I had put on the table with "Today's Menu" on the table at A's cooking birthday party last year. That's the one.

Artnavy said...

thanks for allthe pointers ladies

i have a feeing our slates will shorty outnumber the doodle pros we have ( 3 of them)

Loga said...

Does anybody know where do we get them in chennai? I have been looking for them for long time :)


Swapna said...

Some chennapatna toys are also available at Cauvery- MG Road.

d said...

check in ulsoor market. i have got pretty much anything there that i could'nt find anywhere else.

chennapatna stuff -
kaveri emporium at the brigade road - m g road corner, sutradhar, chennapatna itself (now that you are in bangalore - drive down mysore road, buy chennapatna toys, eat a jowar roti meal at kamat, go to the mysore zoo)!


Choxbox said...

@sandhya: yup i do remember that!

@d: thanks for the jowar roti meal idea! i usually stick to the same old same old, should try this one next time. only, everywhere else (incl. mysore) is too hot once you get used to bangalore weather in summer, no?!

@swapna/d: the folks at kaveri (cauvery?) emporium don't stock slates AFAIK. neither does sutradhar - but it is certainly worth a trip for everything else :)

@art: this is fast turning into a message board, eh?! start charging us!

d said...

@chox - jolada rotti badanekai palya at kamat IS same old same old for me!!! will give you lots more ideas if interested. there's a new kadambam on mysore road on the left hand side - also very nice. it is the samme kadammbam that had amazing iyengar food opposite nmkrv college jayanagar - i used to actually make the trip from marathahalli!!! then it suddenly closed down. now its on mysore road.

went to pratham office last week. got lovely books.

well yes, it is hot elsewhere. but until we go step out and feel the heat how can we long to come back to good ole b'lore and kiss the earth here??? he he.

@sandhya - mittika is my friend! if anyone is interested in her contact dettails i can give them to you...

Choxbox said...

@d: anything food and i am very interested! kindly give ideas. will step out of the a/c city just to go to that place now.
i am the only one who hasn't been to the pratham office yet! sigh. will one day. i have to go and claim my chocolate from maya and her friends there

@art: lets go together, what say? we can drop into vibha's place and hog her yummy home-made samosas as well!

Anuradha Shankar said...

nice one! your post reminded me of the trouble i had finding a slate for my son!after arguing with shopkeepers about why they should stock slates, i finally stumbled upon a small store which did have some! look for old shops which havent changed much over the years and u will surely find one too!

artnavy said...

sure thing chox
i need to do so many places
doing it with u and kids will be great!!

starry eyed said...

Chox hasn't been to the Pratham office yet...how, how???!!!
*goes away shaking head in disbelief*

where is it, and can I come along too??

Choxbox said...

@starry: got armfuls from the bangalore book fair remember?!

Artnavy said...

yes starry let us go together