July 30, 2014

Yercaud Calling

Our family vactaion with Navy's side of the family took us back to Yercaud

Last time also we stayed at Sterling  but sans Aditi and Navy and with a newly minted one year old  Anush and her maternal grand folks. We managed a lot of sight seeing then as it was a small gang and all early risers.

This was a different kind of fun- the adults ate and chilled out and gupshupped, the cousins bonded.
Discovered an eatery called Sarvana Bhavan which served yummy clean Tamil veg food.

A quick & fun get away for sure. The journey though was hot!

July 23, 2014

Movies and more

Saw a lot of movies recently :
Humpty Sharma- not worth it
Dhrisyam- can see many times, very gripping
Samayil araiyail- very sweet, Cheeni kum types and truly for foodies

The girls went for the ET show with their father.
Was surprised they recalled all the acts and also some from the previous year

Adi is steadily mastering reading. So happy to see her excited about her own skills.

Anush's quilling is good enough for her to create earrings for herself and her sister

The loom is not in use but the girls enjoy the  band weaving kit their I aunty got from the USA.

July 14, 2014

This and that

I had an official trip to Tuticorn but enjoyed the me time to shop at Gnanam bakery ( macaroons, nutbar, cake) and roadside nongu and jaggery shops.

Saw Bobby Jasoos the previous weekend and loved it, wanted to watch Humpty but did not

Kids and Navy enjoyed the ET show with all its new acts. Was amazed that the girls recalled so many minor details from the previous year as well.

Had a great family get together on Saturday. And a lovely 80th bday of a family friend that we decked up for.

Story telling is going on well- an article this year as well in The Hindu Metro Plus.
Story writing is going on well too but not acceptance by publishers...heheh.

July 07, 2014

Another year goes by

Completed thirteen years in my current job. WOW.

Well the last few months have been tough yet rewarding.

Here is to easier and fruitful times!

July 04, 2014


Adi- Amma is your work over for the day?
Me- Yes baby, unless some client calls me...

Adi - What does client mean amma?
Me - It means customer-  Like you buy things at Big Buzaar...you are their customer/ client.

Adi- NO Amma.
Me - Why Adi?

Adi- I am a Nine to Nine Customer. ( another department store in our area)
Me- Hahaha!!

July 01, 2014

Boston News

My SIL has come over and brought a suitcase full of goodies for us
She also carried a set of Carmen Deedy books from a friend !!
Kids are so happy to have their super fun cousin over...

Fifteen Years of ArtNavy

18 years of knowing each other
15 years of legal partnership
A lifetime together .... Good to have the right company while life takes you on and you take on life.....

June 26, 2014

Forty Years of Togetherness

All kids love their parents. I am no exception.

Most grandkids love their grandfolks. My girls are no different.
Some sons in law get along well with their ILs. Navy is fortunate.

But not all parents are as selfless as mine. A big thank you Amma- Appa and all of our wishes to you as you complete forty years of wedded bliss ( well mostly ..heheh).

June 20, 2014

Training sans trainers

My little one has just begun  cycling fairly well without trainer wheels...Yipee!!

To the joy of cycling their mom never really learnt....

June 18, 2014

The weekend that was

After a hectic Saturday with two story sessions in opposite ends of town,  had a laze at home Sunday with just some pait puja at Srinathji.

On my  work trip to Mumbai, I managed to squeeze in a story session into my lunch break and got back alloo for making wadis. Yumm.

Read a gripping book, Karna's wife ( just needed a bit more editing) but a definite recco. read.

Once upon a crush

Being part of the old mommy blogger network in India, we all know Kiran. After her first fun book The Reluctant Detective, she is truly making waves with Once Upon A Crush. It is already a top seller in the Romance genre.

Buy Once Upon a Crush: Book
The protagonist, Rayna De, could be my young cousin or any of her friends or even some of my younger workmates.However much a woman tries not to be defined by marriage and kids, society seems to demand/ lead her to that. And as you near the thirties, the tension mounts if you have not found Mr Right.

To add to that, Reyna's 'evil' boss makes her life a nightmare. She is capable but lands up in all sorts of problems. Enter Deven, a colleague and a saviour of sorts, given Reyna's tumultuous life.

But Deven is not exactly a solid rock and sends mixed signals, in Reyna's insecure view. What happens next and does Reyna 'settle down'? And with who?

Buy the book here and the e-version can be bought here

June 09, 2014


After the exhilarating Manganiyar Classroom we saw a not so exciting a  bit too technical Taala Vadya as part of the Bhoomija line up for the Jackfruit fest

Adi asked me why there were no girls in either performance, except the lead in the latter.

Went to the Green Bazaar enroute to Daddy's Deli for their delicious waffles and great service.