March 02, 2011


I went on work to Tumkur yesterday. Was wowed by the roads. Really very good.

Sutradhar has an exhibition on- need to check it out.

Navy's office is shortly going to be a 5 day week one. Wonderful! Hopefully he keeps it that way.

Anush narrated the story of the Merchant of Venice to me. I was zapped. My mother had told her a week or so back and she recollected it in full!


Unknown said...

Love the header.. :)
and Anush narrated the whole story - Thats awesome! :) Bright girl.

R's Mom said...

loved the header..and the whole Merchant of Venice! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Art

Loved the post.. but more so absolutely loved the picture of your little one. A picture is worth a thousand words... kaala tikka moment indeed.

Warm wishes


Musica said...

Where is sutradhar?

Gayatri said...

- Make way for lil miss noddy :)

sandhya said...

Hugs to Anush. 'Merchant of Venice'??!!
Did you check out Sutradhar? Planning to go on Friday as the Story Revolution sale too will be there.

AA_Mom said...

Sweet! (For the header)