March 16, 2010

The Chennai Chronicles VII- Blogging Chums

Edited to add-

Last evening we had a lovely meet with most of the regulars, a farewell for crazymom and artnavy- as we move on to Blore.

It also was also a welcome party and the bday of a new Chennai blogger- ardra.

Needless to add there was music, masti and majaa

Happiness always multiplies when you share and I enjoyed sharing my little joys and big ones here with bloggers.

I still recall my first 'live' meet was with Hiphopgmom on one of her visits to Chennai in 2007. Me- a rookie mom and novice blogger and she a veteran grandma blogger!

The bloggers I have met since include the ones from Chennai and also some world famous ones who visited Chennai.

I will never ever forget the wonderful Baby shower I had right here for Aditi.

Blogging also is what led to the Mister Muthu series getting published in Chandamama. ( while on it check out the new online episode on the side bar here)

So from now on, when I read about Chennai blog meets, I will really miss you Chennai mommy bloggers - even more. Maybe I could remain on the mail list so that I can dash down to Chennai or time an office trip accordingly!

Yes we will be in touch on-line- but it is just not the same. Soem of the friends I made here through blogging- have gone on to become very dear family friends. You know who you are and I hope you visit us in Bangalore!

But I look forward to being on the list at Bangalore blogger friends meets.


Shankari said...

Loved your Chennai Chronicles. Looking forward to the Bangalore version!

Though I don't stay in Bangalore now, welcome to Namma Bengaluru :)

Sands said...

and now I am going to have to visit Bangalore to meet up with you after that missed opportunity :(

Artnavy said...

sands- i sure hope so

sankari- :-)

mnamma said...

We had a wonderful time Art!! We are going to miss you terribly. And I never got a chance to meet with Crazymum :( The pictures are lovely. You are such a gracious, lovely host :)

Artnavy said...

thanks so much mnamma
do visit when u come to blore

Uma said...

We'll miss the Chennai through your eyes! And now I have to be more alert and keep track of what's happening in chennai...
Needless to say, we had a great time at the meet!