July 07, 2009

The last few days

Met Usha - one of my oldest blog inspirations. She is just what she is on her blog- frank and lovely. She thoughtfully got Anush a CD of stories. Anush surprised me by really taking to her and not wanting her to leave. She even asked for Usha before the blogger meet at Blore!!

Went to Blore for Navy's cousin's wedding. Travelled by the day train after a long time.
Enjoyed the mehendi . . .

Anush to a relative" If we ask for mehendi in only one hand, then they will put till here( till mid arm) . If we ask for both hands then they will put small small....."

Anush to me" Amma that mehendi lady is very good and fast na? .....Shld i say woman not lady?"

Anush delighted the gang with her dancing and prancing to all the " 9xm songs" and even did a solo dance much to her own delight!!
Anush dressed up in all her finery and enjoyed herself thoroughly with the teenaged lot at the wedding.

I was asked the same battery of questions " due date... how r you....how is anush reacting....are you still working...." and that was it. Some of the older women told me it would be a boy since my skin looked pretty bad.

Yes, met up with some bloggers and their lovable kids- Poppin's mom with her delectable kids, Monika with Ojas and hubby, the most gracious hosts- Mamamia (Abha) household, Starry and Collection of stars with her lovely daughter.

Enjoyed the conventional food at the marriage.

Wore a sari after a long gap- a gorgeous Kanchivaram designed by an NID student- one gifted by my mother over a year ago!!

Met a distant relative and friend of Navy's who had been following my blog!!

Took a fancy new Shatabdi and met a lovely co-passenger who indulged Anush almost through out the journey


starry eyed said...

It was awesome meeting you:) And Anush. My kids loved the magnets, thanx! Very thoughtful of you.

I'm voting girl...but what does it matter right?!

Collection Of Stars said...

It was lovely meeting you and Anush :)

Anonymous said...

it was so good to meet u and anush art... glad

and thanks to u my fridge finally has got its first magnets :D

choxbox said...

sounds like a fun trip.

and the weather has been brill too.

Poppins said...

The picture is completely ok, wish it had been clearer - but then it couldn't have made it to the blog I guess :D

It was great meeting you and Anush.

Just Like That said...


VJ said...

Anush looks pretty in pavadai!!!
Seems like another action packed weekend.

Artnavy said...

hi all

it was indeed a good weekend though hectic

Monika,Ansh said...

sounds like a lovely trip. Glad u r feeling fit & fine :)

Mama - Mia said...


what fun to see you again!

and Anush is such a charmer that its not surprising that copassenger took to her right away! :)



Swaram said...

So u hd a gr8 time .. luv that header ... nice traditional ponnu ;)

Usha said...

Lovely pictures.
I loved the time we spent together. meeting anushka was a bonus.
When I read the first comment I was reminded of:
'we don't know. so leave it." :)

artnavy said...

thanks ladies.

abha- moreabout this co passenger coming up

lol usha!

Ramya said...

hey, why didn't u give me a call? Would have loved to catch up.