March 22, 2009

The New age Masketeers

Just in case you thought this is Venice- I understand it is very easy to think that what with salwar kameez being the new style statement there - these New age Masketeers are an all women blogger gang. We had another Blog meet in Chennai on Saturday.

Thanks to Kodi's mom being in India, itchy, crazymum, Lavs and me met up with most of the celebrity kids in tow. It was lovely to finally meet DC and Timepass who joined in.
Punch is the most doll like child I have set eyes on, with a very sunny disposition.
Vying for similar honors is crazymom's baby- turning into quite a lady.
Lavs LB was comfy this time and has really grown up.
Kodi was very collected and the Chennai Brat and Anush had a ball.
The celeb twins Ojas- Tejas were missed.

Cafe Coffee Day played venue and goodies happened- sun catchers and veggie miniatures, the masks you see, toy buses and crayons.

As usual I felt I had not finished a single conversation with anyone but I still had a good time.
And for those who missed this meet, I am sure we will do it again soon.


Went to the Indonesian exhibition and picked up some really ethnic curios including a mask, a frog with an umbrella, a set of cats on a sofa and some coasters.

Also went and gorged at Ajnabee chat which is the closest to the Gujju farsaan shops in Mumbai with a Santacruz road side chat shop thrown in as well. ( Remember Apu- you introduced me to this place)


DC said...

Art, it was great meeting you, Anush and Navy!

choxbox said...

kewl! can spot the two bloggie pals i have met!

Kodi's Mom said...

where is ajnabee chat?
Anush looked abs adorable in the mask :) it was a fun meet!

Artnavy said...

DC- good to have had u over

chox- hahah- was sure u would

kodism- ajnabee chat is in Egmore- one of those malls on the main road near the fly over...closed on sundays

Krishnan said...

Did you check out newly opened Adyar Ananda Bhavan near Sutherland ?

Artnavy said...

yes krishnan- I did
was there last evening

too crowded but good stuff what we had- rava dosa and dahi sev puri- both were good

I do not like cholay in Chennai- too much masala and often coconutty

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Hi Arthi,

Can you tell me where the Indonesian Exhibition is happening(address)? Also do you have an idea of where I could find Venetian Mask Hangings(the ones u could pin on the wall?)


Swati said...

wow ..bangalore bloggers ..time for another meet?

choxbox said...

btw love the header - the world in my hands?!

Lavs said...

The kids look so lovely in masks...
Reading about ajnabee makes my mouth water..i love their bhel puri! and those kakdas..yummy!

Mama - Mia said...


what fun it must have been! :) and who got all those awesome masks?!


Artnavy said...

Lavs got the masks

fabulous aren't they

Monika,Ansh said...

Looks like a great meeting & so very colourful! :)

apu said...

wow. the meet sounds nice.
and ajnabee....i miss that! lets go there the next time i am in town, okay?

Artnavy said...

yes monika.ansh

apu- we certainly should- when are you here next

AMIT said...

It must be a fun for you.

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