January 23, 2009

Taking stock

I was trying to count all the bloggers I had met in person so far. I think timepass had asked me a while ago. Here goes:
  1. Hiphopgmom
  2. hastobeme
  3. Kodi's mom
  4. Lavs
  5. Minka
  6. Tharini
  7. Kowsalya- thanks to Tharini
  8. Subha
  9. Sue- Thanks to Itchy
  10. IBH
  11. Original GB- now a mediumboss - thanks to Chandamama
  12. Blogeswari
  13. Madmomma
  14. Boo
  15. Choxbox- this meet was kind of jinxed till it actually happened. Just like trying to tie up with Rohini.

Not counting Asit, Itchy and Apu who I know from pre blogging days. Can you beat this number?

Edited to add the tag from howdoweknow:

Person on blog and blogger in person..
Tag1: Have you ever met a fellow blogger for the first time, and thought "Oh, I expected him/her to be different." What did you expect, and what did you see..

Answer: Purely physical differences -

I expected hiphopgmom to have a short crop like mine - well she had long hair
Boo was way more contemporary than I had visualised- God knows she writes that way but I had this image all the same- that she would be sort of like the actress Radha & in a sari
Tharini- She was completely different too than I had pictured

Personality/ chatter/ banter wise all met expectation - so I must be in very honest company

Tag 2: Suppose someone you know passess on the url of their blog, and you go visiting. Have you ever been surprised at the person who appears in that blog? What surprised you? How was it different from what you knew of the person already?

Answer: None at all. No surprises. I have only 3 people on this sub list and they are themselves on their blog.


VJ said...

wish I could meet some of the names listed and ofcourse cant wait to meet you !

How do we know said...

hey.. pls do my latest tag.. please please please.. ties right up to this post.

Mama - Mia said...

wow! thats quite cool!

i was just counting how many I have met and its about 16 of em! :D

waiting to add you to the list!



Anonymous said...

wow. thats a really long list... some how i haven't met too many bloggers in person, except of course for people like you whom i already know!

Artnavy said...

i would love the meet all of u

apu- u have such a big friends circle as it is - so may be no time?

Monika said...

i was thinking how many have i met...i guess its only 3...

want to meet u and all the others...

Alan said...

Can't beat your number, I only have four. I knew two of them prior to blogging (mere bhai aur meri biwi's co-worker). I have met two others since and they seemed very much like their blogs. (Check the World Rhythm Festival post near the bottom of my regular blog.)

My blogs pretty much reflect the real me. But I may not be as suave and sophisticated as you may think. ;)

Monika said...

I've just met one & loved it.
That's a large list u have there . Lucky u

ammani said...

Who swallowed the long comment I typed? Darn!

Choxbox said...

where you are?

Anonymous said...

What? Boo is not in a saree and everything aa? I am so shocked

Noodlehead said...

i've met about 9 bloggers all thanks to Poppins' mom! it was such good fun. i'd love to meet u and anush when i'm in madras next.

Artnavy said...

ditto- would love to meet many of you

chox- long weekend- no office- chilled out