May 29, 2007


SM tagged me . I have done this before- one, two, three, four, five times.

This was tough( being very unremarkable) but here are some more:
I retained my maiden name post marriage.
I watch at least one new movie a week
When in college, I was asked to model for Satinelle - only my legs they wanted- i chickened out
I still want to be a newsreader or a travel show host.
I am learning music again- the teacher comes home once a week
Apart from this blog, I guest write at the travel one. I really wish to be a part of the CityDailyPhotoBlog
I am nearly blind without my specs/ lenses
I complete 9 months of blogging today- and also hence the title
I am contemplating liposuction- seriously!


SM said...

Oops..I didn't realize you had done this so many times before! Sorry!
So is there one untrue item in this list? If yes, please don't let it be the last one. For I intend to ask you for details.

Collection Of Stars said...

I am also nearly blind without my specs :) I am 100% sure you don't need liposuction - you should just see me...

Poppins said...

Lipo? Hmm..Hey saw this late, but hope you're OK after the near-accident. Take Care !

artnavy said...

sm- any time for you- i can advice without experiencing it can't i??
hope u found at least a couple of new things and do go thru the previous ones....!!!

collection of stars- i have moved from teh young 20s to the 30s- i mena my size not teh age....

poppin-s tnx

Orchid said...

alright art for letting us in on so many unknown facts and yes, I am in line too for the lipo details :)

Lavs said...

So we all know many things about you except your true identity. Smoking!! (like how Jim Carrey says in The Mask).

Just like that said...

Funny, but so many of us seem to be blind withour our lenses/specs!

How do you manage a new movie a week? am impressed. With that and the music too.

artnavy said...

lavs- i am a known enigma

tnx just like that

The Mad Momma said...

oh trust me.. the newsreader travel show host is a terrible job - been there done that and hated it.