January 17, 2007

Style Check: Artnavy

=Pongal-Anush style=

Am taking up passerby55's tag. 10 things that reflect my style.

Given my background in qualitative MR, I have tried doing it that way. So the statistical validity is suspect.

If I were an animal/ bird: A penguin. Nothing exceptional. Mostly lovable, usually happy, always yakking, sometimes irritating.
If I were a vehicle: A tricycle. Stable, in the learning mode, loved by kids. ( BTW, i do not know how to ride a bicycle.)
If I were a comic character: Popeye. Tall & fast with pop eyes. Not very glamorous. Loves spinach of all kinds.
If I were a city: Must be Mumbai. A cocktail of opinions and views. A potpourri of culture.
If I were an art form : I would be amateur photography. Experimentative, traveller, unpredictable and fun. Not always with good results.
If I were a colour: Black. Much as I would like to think of myself as mysterious and alluring, I guess I will have to say dark and sometimes intimidating. I can be very assertive and do not really let on what is going on in

If I were a filmstar: Would like to say Angelina Jolie, but it would be Nandita Das. Earthy and Indian.
If I were a vegetable: Potato of course, versatile and oddly shaped.
If I were a fabric: Cotton- cool and casual , also natural.
If I were a gizmo: No nonsense, basic, reliable and functional cell phone

I really seem to have too much style. Hmmmm.
Would like i2w, sts, orchid and sanjay to do this tag.


Has to be me said...

Nice tag...shall take this up like u mentioned!
And yes congrats on ur century! :)

itchingtowrite said...

done the tag. good one.

apu said...

Since I dont blog anymore, I am writing some of mine here :))

Animal/ bird: A duck, sometimes loud..mostly waddling along happily :)
Comic character: A powerpuff girl, saving the world b4 bdtime..
City: Kolkata (lazy :)
If I were an art form : japanese woodprints, deceptively simple
If I were a colour: Blue - peaceful inside, though occasionally maybe orange.

The Kid said...

happy pongal!

btw, was the middle picture taken sometime earlier? ellaraiyum yaemaathe parkreengla?

Orchid said...

Nice to see you are back...was that an intentional 2-3 day hiatus after your 100th post?? O.k , first I apologise for still not having done the book tag that you asked me to earlier..however, will do this tag soon (hopefully today).

Nice job with the tag- now we know you just a li'l bit more

@ said...

nice tag and sensible answers!

Nandita Das is way better than Angelina Jolie...any day of the week! just my personal opinion :)

lalitha said...

Nice tag and I like your style.

Fuzzylogic said...

Good job and I love penguins too.Pics of Anush are really cute,the style genes come from the mom obviously:)

mommyof2 said...

nice tag..

Nandita Das is much much better than Angelina Jolien.

Sanjay said...

Nicely done. :)

Sanjay said...

Will do the tag in a cpl of days, I have one already outstanding. :)

artnavy said...

thanks itchy for completing it so fast
thanks apu for doing it here

kid- this same weekend- all the snaps happened

orchid- had a long break for pongal being in chennai- also went to blore on tour- so the break

tnx sanjay, lalitha, fuzzy, momof2, @

Rohini said...

Just saw the smocking picture. I am so jealous. Smocking is one the joys of having a daughter!

passerby55 said...


quiet a style about things i should say...

I love mumbai and i love black and cotton... i can share many things with u

i should add you are a versatile person...

Hip Grandma said...

A cutely done tag.reflects your style.It had to be frivolous or else you wouldn't be my daughter's age would you.BTW I'm in Chennai for 4 days from the 26th Jan.would love to meet Yourself,ITW and Srijith and Shiny if possible.How do we do it??

Usha said...

Crisp and clear - you do know your style exactly dont you?

artnavy said...

HHgmom- yes we must meet up- do mail me your contact details at artnavy@rediffmail.com

I just missed hastobe me when she was here

thanks usha