March 26, 2007


Was tagged by sts.
Five things you possibly do not know about me-

I have coordinated moles on my arms and feet

My wardrobe is filled with still wearable clothes some of which date back 10 years

I do not like garlic in my South Indian food

I do not cry when I peel onions- they just do not affect me

I am bad at keeping in touch with old friends though I care for them a lot

I tag all of you who would like to use this chance to tell us a little more about yourself.


SM said...

Coordinated moles huh? Cool!
I can't stand garlic as well and don't cry when i peel onions! I also have wearable clothes almost 10 years old, they just don't fit me any more. Hoping to motivate myself to lose weight that way!

B o o said...

Art and SM - Do you two wear contacts while cutting onions? Because I found out that I dont cry while wearing contacts but cry buckets when Im wearing glasses!
Oh and I love Garlic rasam! :)

A Little Light said...

interesting!i m taking the tag?

nz said...

And I thought everyone cries when chopping onions ! I am using my 15 year old jeans to motivate me to get back into shape :-)

Anush's pic on the sidebar is beautiful :-)

Orchid said...

I don't cry with some onions and with the others i have hubby do the cutting :)

Vow your wardrobe must be full of classics if they haven't run ot of fashion after all these yrs! good going art!

artnavy said...

sm- same pinch

a little light- sure a little more light will do fine

boo-- think ur theory may be right- shld try with specs sometime

nz/ orchid-my wardrobe has so many dupattas which are so elegant i do not have the mind to throw them out

anyway i mostly wear mix and match when it comes to ethnic

Usha said...

pardon my ignorance what would coordinated moles be?
dont like garlic - Not even in pickle and poondu rasam?

Fuzzylogic said...

Nicely done!I too love my old friends but I don't keep in touch with them as much as I would like to,the blame totally lies only with me.Onions don't effect you?I cried buckets when would cut them before I got the chopper:)
I'm also not a great fan of garlic.Great job at the wardrobe selection,mine usually need updating every now and then:)
BTW Anushka eating chikki pic is cute,I love chikkies too,would she share it with me?:)

artnavy said...

oh sure fuzzy- i make good peanut shikki learnt it from my MIL

usha- no garlic in any south indian food- not used to it