February 22, 2010

Action Weekend

Finally availed the Lifestyle coupon and got cute lehengas for Aditi.
And lo behold we were given 4 dupattas kid size with them !! Truly a clearance sale.

Relaxed our rules on toy guns and swords and got Anush a thermocol/ felt sword.
She herself said she would not fight anyone but mosquitoes with it!!

Went for two movies over the weekend!!
Goa , a let down from the Venkat Prabu stable and Avataar , again not as excviting as I thought it would be. The philosophy and teh langauage of the natives seemed very Indian to me,.
Anush on Avatar, looking at the counter ticking away- " The numbers are moving so fast but the movie so slllllloooooow amma!"

Here is my review of the most talked about book for kids in the Indian mommy blog realm as of now..


Unknown said...

Loved Anush's new painting. And I loved her wordings even more so :)

Thanks for sharing.

Artnavy said...

tnx lakshmi and i was surprised to hear her say that !! one drama queen she is :-D