February 24, 2010

Chennai Activity Centre

Lalit Kala Academy is hosting a Japanese golu like event in early March, among other Japanese skills such as origami and Flower arrangements.

Dakshin Chitra has the Ugadi fest on.

If you missed Scholastic's story telling sessions, Hippocampus's Hootales 2010 is on from today in Chennai. Look here for the schedule.


NitaVin said...

Your blogs are interesting ! I am new to Chennai and your blogs make it look like an happening city.

Are there any libraries around Pallikarnai , Vellachery for adults and children?

I have a new born 1 month old and the recommendations on Saffron Tree are really good and would like to check out some of them.

Artnavy said...


there is easwari and book world on the 100ft road
and toysdayout on gandhi road in velachery

there is also an online library in chennai which delivers at your doorstep- i think it is called Bookandborrow.com

try also lets do something above ganga sweets for activities but not too many books there

hippocampus of course rocks

Priya said...

Hi, I met you at hippocampus today. I have been reading your blog since then and it is quite interesting & informative. It was a pleasure meeting you and I am sure I am going to be a regular reader of your blog :)

Choxbox said...

Hi TimeOut Chennai!

Anonymous said...


Is it possible to miss someone you have never met ?? I have been following your blog for sometime now and keeping up with Chennai activities. I am moving back to India from the US this summer and dreading your move to B'lre !! Who will keep us informed about the happenings in Chennai ??!!

Anyway, love your blog and your girls are adorable !


Priya said...

Hi Smitha,

We have just moved back from US. Do let me know when you are here. We try to keep ourselves updated on the Chennai activities.


Artnavy said...

priya/ smita- tnx!!

Smita- dont be surprised if we meet or i still update about chennai - my HO is here:-)) and i have 2 houses here as well....

chox- lol- coming from THE Blore Timeout i take it as a HUGE compliment

Unknown said...

Looks like Aarti has got many admirers including me !

Thanks for the response the bookandborrow site is just perfect.
Blore folks will be happy now,Somebody's loss is somebody's gain.

Smita & Priya we also returned from US recently. Would love to be part of the Chennai updates.