February 19, 2010

What's in my hand...?

Got 40 wonderful Tulika books yesterday. My long pending visit to their office materialized....
And which of these books did we read first- Dinaben and the Lions of Gir!!

Why  is it special? Go here to know more.


I had to record this for posterity- Anush is like a character in an English musical- she breaks into song for almost every situation- inserting words of her own to some known tune or  her own tune 

This morning it was " Is it possible?"  rendered in some ten thousand ways !!


apu said...

wow, wow, wow - 40 books at one go! lucky kid! I remember how eagerly we used to open the bundle of books my dad used to bring when he went on work to Delhi - I think he used to get it from S. Chand & co in those days....and poorly bound as many of them were, I still have a lot of them.

LOL at Anushka's doing a sound of music...

Krishnan said...

Amazing ! 40 books in one go !
Is Tulika office located in Mylapore ?

Choxbox said...

Soul sistah! Come to B'lore soooon!

*Please ask Anush for the tune*

Anonymous said...

That is so cute. Being a fan of movies like 'My fair lady', I sure wish I had a daughter for looking back like this.

Anush is multi-talented !


Sands said...

Breaking into a song for every situation is just adorable. Reminds me of Sound of Music and My fair Lady of course :)

Tulika Publishers said...

Yay! And also wow, wow, wow:)

Artnavy said...

apu - yes and where is chand in delhi?

krishnana- yes- abhirampuram- opp road to ceebros raintree

chx- just packing

sands/anon- :-)

nice to see the tulika bird here- we r huge fans- u can catch my review here

apu said...

I have no idea actually - and not even sure if they are still around.

Poppy said...

40 books? *eyes pop out*

Amazing. Loved that tidbit about Anush - can totally imagine her doing it :)