November 05, 2009

Life's unexpected twists

B uncle to Anush was a dear friend. He was our friendliest and probably most effective driver for Navy a year and after a gap another year for me.

He quit in December last year, without informing us and that left a very bad taste and I told Anush that he was a stranger ( fear and paranoia set in since I had heard of so many kidnappings in the media by known people)

Yesterday Anush asked me after a long time about him and I told her he had become a star.
She did not quiz me. Children move on.

But I am forced to recollect that flash of smile, the roguish good looks and demeanor and the bravado.

While I was angered by the way B left us, I am really saddened by the way he left the world.

Heard that he committed suicide a month ago. Love Failure is what a friend of his matter of factly said. Never thought that such a thing could happen to him!


How do we know said...

oh!!! this is really sad...

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Thats very sad indeed !

Nagesh.MVS said...

Very very sad Incident..
When we follow rules these thing r never happen.
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Mama - Mia said...


its always worse to hear abt suicides. feels like such a waste of life...

Saya said...

that was a nice way of explaining it to a child. He came a star.

artnavy said...

abha- cant agree more-

i have always thought only cowards resort to suicide- and B did not come across that way