November 04, 2009

SAHM and enjoying it

It is nice to be a non working in office mom at least for a change. As always, I feel saying non working would be wrong since most SAHMS do more work than I would want to.

People ask me how I manage to pack in so much into my day. I am not sure if I do, but these could be the reasons if indeed it were true-

1. I have the comforts of a driver, a top work maid, a cellphone. And I have a spare 8 hours that I spent at work earlier.

2. Having my mother around makes me even more indulged. ( . kala tikka) eg. I take Anush for a regular daily walk to give her exclusive time since I am reassured by my mother's presence at home with Aditi

3. My being a fairly organized multi tasker, not a big fan of sleeping, not very particular about TV, leaves me enough time to read and blog and do stuff with Anush and slowly with Aditi.

Nalanda way's children's festival sounds very good. Do visit if you can. Since I am not allowed and to be fair would not wish to expose Aditi to crowds and germs too soon , I enlist my mother's help now to take Anushka here and there.

I am reading a fabulous book by Bill Bryson called Notes from a Big country. It is an amused look at some idiosyncrasies of nations by an American who has spent a large part of his adult life in the UK and has returned to the States. I am sure those who have lived in the UK OR the US will enjoy it even more. But you can relate a lot to the anecdotes even otherwise.

It is tattoo time at anushland- she loves them- painted ones, mehendi ones, mehendi like paisley motif stickers, freebies and even timepass home made ( by yours truly) stickers:


Choxbox said...

yay to your spirit girlie!

and bill bryson rocks! you should check out 'notes from a small island' next.

Bhavana said...

Being a SAHM is much harder than working from Office Mom. Escp with all the help you can get :P
Bill Bryson is awesome!Loved Notes from a Big country.

VJ said...

I think sleep is my enemy.. if I dont have a good sleep and I get cranky and that probably eats up my time.
are the pictures of tattoo you made?
very cute !

starry eyed said...

*goes green-eyed at points 1 n 2*

Tks for the reco...reserving that book right now:)

artnavy said...

chox- look whos talking!!

Starry- u must read the book- cant stop chuckling

bhavna- u bet - at least there is some diversion/ social interaction with peple over 4 ft in height if u r working

vj- :-)- navy is like that

Sandhya said...

Good spirit!

Poppy said...

SAHM with privileges :) Plus you already know it's short term :D Seriously, even I enjoyed my looong maternity break - but I didn't blog so frequently ! Amazing energy you have!

Monika said...

Kudos!! When r u planning to join back work?

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