October 21, 2008

Train & Rain trails

Anush coloured this in under paati's supervision
You may recollect we went to the ICF Rail museum, in Perambur, Chennai a few weeks back. I had requested certain things of the curator and he turns out to be a proactive, enthusiastic gentleman. Here are some of the things you should look out for and do meet him if you go there.

You can plan your visit and inform them beforehand to enable them to provide the toy train ride if it is high on your agenda. (Arun Devraj, Curator, 26201014)

Interactive items:
Ladder chair, Hand signal lamp ( I can vouch for both), coupling of vacuum and air brake hose( to be added shortly)

Items for observation:
Old furniture/ clock/ bells/ Scale models- Wooden body first class coach, Wooden body coach

For the slightly older children and adults you could learn so much more:
What is a coach/ railway carriage and what is a bogie
What is a railway sleeper? What are the various types of sleepers/ bogies/ coach bodies
Not to be missed is the demo pinion movement and pinion brake of the Nilgiri Mountain rail

The museum can also develop souveniers based on the need / inputs from customers.

The Nilgiri Mountain Rail (a UNESCO heritage site, the same one as in Chaiyya Chaiyya) has completed 100 yrs.

The sketch to go with my soon to be published story is very cute. I am surprised that they are done in isolation. I always thought the story writer and the artist would sit in for a session to arrive at the final picture. Still he/ she more or less read my mind. I only felt that it could have been more urban.

It has been raining heavily here and Anush has an off today . I want to go home too!!


Choxbox said...

show the illustration please please please.

at least mail it na.

Jayashree said...

Do you think the ICF is a good place to take a group of 2-3 yr olds to??? Iam looking for a place to take a group of about 50 kids plus parents to.

Artnavy said...


yes- if they r more 3 than 2yr olds - shld be good- u shld check with arun anyway- it may be a bit slushy in the rains

guindy zoo or vandalur would be more fun i guess if there are more 2s than 3s

or u could check with story trails and do their nature trail or animal care trail

chox-sent you. cant put it up yet:-))

DC said...

another nice work of art by Anush.. unusual color choice for the sun (i guess that's the sun?)...

i guess you can frame it and hang it in her room?

Artnavy said...

dc- we have a large photo frame in her room which showcases her work in rotation.

i asked her about the black sun - she said clouds were dark:-))

Mama - Mia said...


another published blogger!! yay!! :)

way to go lady!

pls to sign a copy for Cubby once published! :)