October 22, 2008

Seeing Red

"Anush see we are matching!!" exclaims Amma.
" No amma , yours is dark red and mine is bright red" corrects Anushka.


Choxbox said...

and you wonder why she gets on more with older kids..

DC said...

I have to go with Anush on this ;-) Her dress is definitely a brighter shade of red!

From whom does she get these aesthetic genes? Sorry if it is rude or personal... am just curious :-)
You or Anush's father?

Artnavy said...

choxbox- LOL

dc- it would have to be me and my mom and my grand mom ..... and navy & his family would agree whole heartedly

Krishnan said...

Anush is right as always :-)

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering how u had the mind to call a "ithu pona " red color to anush's bright vibrant red color?!

VJ said...

She definitely knows what she is talking about !
Maybe you need to think twice from now on !!!

Artnavy said...

i had to agree with anush too and the rest of you:-))

regular readers would know she learnt light and dark shades early on....

now i have to be carfeul about hues and shades - colour alone is not enough

subha- that was a new outfit of mine- as I say block print and kalamkari have a habit of looking old from the start

Mama - Mia said...

anush is right!!

stumped, mommy?! :p