October 20, 2008

The Chicken dance and other stories

One lazy Sunday afternoon-

Self being nasty about Navy's office party on a Sunday!!- "Anush, Appa has to go. He has to dance with chik(en)s you see. If he does not go he will only get to dance with the hen."

Navy, after some time- " I don't want to go. I just want to chill."

Anush- "Please go now, Appa. The chickens will be sad. They are waiting to dance with you."

After Appa left, Anush- " Amma after Appa dances with chickens he will come back home soon?"

Amma- " Yes baby but there are no chickens . He has gone for work. I was just joking"

Anush" Don't joke about chickens !! Not a good idea. "

She must be right.


And a little note to my baby -

My dear Anushka,
Your first formal progress review from school held no surprises - you are participative, vocal, independent, curious, interested in art and music. Hold sensible conversation with adults in complete sentences and are adept in both English and Tamil. You evince a keen interest to count as well.

They think you are a little too fast at the tasks. Quick to add that it did not affect the quality of your work. Blame it on the genes. Your thaathu and Amma in particular. Let us try, shall we, to chill and do things in a more relaxed fashion?

And please relate to your peers more. Not just with the chithi (adult in charge) and the older kids (who won't pay you much attention anyway). You really need to make more friends your own age. For your own sake.

It was good to have an objective assesment of our child in an environ outside the comfort of home. After all the school influences the child a lot.


Went to Eden, Besant Nagar after a long gap. Lunch was good and the waiters recognised us and were very warm. We opted for our usual - me for the chefs baked bowl, Navy for the Spaghetti and Anush for soup, cucumber and pizza. ( yes Anush also has her menu set already

Enjoying Virgin Earth by the same author I have been reading of late.

Not getting any bookings for the Diwali weekend so will spend it in and around Chennai.

Saw the movie Oram po with our friend acting in it - it was kind of enjoyable.


Rohini said...

My brat is the opposite. The teachers describe a helpful, obedient and generous boy - I wonder if they've got my son mixed up with someone else :D

I do wonder if this closer affinity to adults is a single child thing? What do you think?

Artnavy said...

ro- LOL. in our case as i said no surprises

.........if this closer affinity to adults is a single child thing?

I was just thinking the same ro- i myself was more comfy/ closer to older kids/ people till i got to college...

then again may be it is just a phase or the fact that she has a lot of adults around her who usually treat her as a little adult....

while i am not overly bothered by it i am going to be more conscious about it and try and get her to interact more with her age group in our building

Choxbox said...

just curious - why is it an issue if a kid relates more to older children?

Artnavy said...

chox- no not an issue at all

the concern was that she was not being comfy among just her age group without seeking a reassuring older presence around

WhatsInAName said...

:) My younger one was same. Used to get along more with older kids.
Its OK. Take it this way that they are more mature for their age.

lol at chics! One fine day she will teach you better slangs! They learn fast, I tell you :)

Artnavy said...

whatsina name
that is precisely what my mom says
"mature for her age"

Mama - Mia said...


Anush logic... may be right, maybe wrong, but you defi cant question it, can you?!

her progress report sounds just perfect!