September 29, 2008

Picture the weekend

Egmore Children's museum- really not worth it but Anush thought otherwise, the windmill on top of the building, the stray puppy and the space in general excited her enough to want to stay on

Rail Museum, Perambur- well maintained, very informative staff, must do again and again
All three movies- many good performances, thought provoking, even if a bit pretentious and /or repetitive

Anushka was all tears today as she entered Vanilla place for the Navrathri special for kids. I asked the lady there if I could just take her back and was told that I need to let go!!
I had half a mind to say " She is never like this at school. This was supposed to be fun..." but held back .

She came out all smiles saying " Amma I have a surprise for you"- she had helped paint a beautiful set of diyas! And enjoyed Kolattam as well. ( Danced with drumsticks amma) ( I happened to drop her and pick her up since I had a meeting in the vicinity)


Shobana said...

Nice weekend sounds like!

Art, what are some fun things do with toddlers (2-3yrs age grps) in chennai? If u could, could u please email it to me with at least some specifics as to where these places are?? Thanks a ton in advance.

Shobana said...
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Artnavy said...

why dont you call me when u r here

i will mail u anyway

Choxbox said...

aah thats the thing with kids na?! they see interesting stuff in what we think is mundane and hardly even notice.

Artnavy said...

yes chox- u can say that again- their wonder and their innocence

Venkatesan said...

This is Venkatesh, ICF, once again. The Blog is nice and lively with Arthi around. In fact, I would like to carry out one Blog for me. Can u pl guide me to how to go about this? To be frank, I am totally new to this concept. Just guide me through.