October 01, 2008

Round Up

Finally got Anush's passport. Her reaction- "Come Amma, let us go to Australia. I want to bring a smaaaaaaaaaaall kangaroo home." Now my excuse is that we need to get tickets.

When I tried teaching Anush the tongue twister " Betty bought some butter..." Anush butt in and enquired" Betty like the Betty, Ronica and Archie?"She had seen me reading the comic last week and I had told her the main character names.

Finally saw Dark Knight. I loved it and since it came with English subtitles I could turn down the volume and watch it, ( to prevent Anush from getting scared).

Mama mia gave me this Brilliante award, after Sree and choxbox. She says "Art - for her very cool blog which gives you a lowdown on not just whats been happening in her life, but what is interesting in cultural scape of her city and others too! And Anush is an absolute delight as are the corners of her new home"

Thanks Mama mia . Good to know I have at least a few readers though you would never be able to tell with the rare comments that I get. I think all the blogs I frequent have received this award multiple times so I am not passing on the tag. Let me just say I think all of you are brilliant. I am in wonderful company.

There is a lot of PR about the Aqua show - beginning today in Valluvar Kootam in Chennai- Why Chennai is what I wanted to know and here is where I found the answer

Anush made a kolam yesterday at Vanilla Place. She used the word "managed" perfectly much to my surprise. Her vocabulary is awesome but her pronunciation is awful. :-))

Just revisited my post on Navratri in particular on the kolams
when I began blogging in 2006 and the one last year since it was a letter writing Vijayadasami for Anush


Anonymous said...

Hi...Bumped into your blog by chance and should say.. I enjoyed it immensely.
As a matter of fact, I was so impressed with one blog(cant remember which one now..) that I started to read from the beginning and have just finished all your scripts.
Great work !!!!
( cant say more.. not sure if I am capable to judge..I just cannot write but love reading blogs).


Artnavy said...

thanks VJ- welcome here

Shobana said...

Congrats on the award!!! You do have an interesting blog...very informative and of course Anushs' antics are a joy to read.

Fuzzylogic said...

Congrats on the award Art! very well deserved. Anush knows Betty,Veronica and Archie already?I'm impressed:)

Artnavy said...


fuzzy- anush knows the five pandavas too and .. so....:-))