September 22, 2008

The weekend that was

I could not help recollecting the posts in the last few days about the have nots' attitude to the haves of the world- the resentment etc. At every level, Excess always seem justified to the haves and obscene/ extravagant to the have nots.

Well, we attended this really grand reception of a soap maker's daughter. They had a printed menu, a map to the area, various types of palmistry and astrologers (from parrots to tarots), play area for the kids including a horse ride, an entertainment program , classical instrumental music etc etc. Almost as large in scale as the one we went to at Erode.

Anush's exploits included the following- she managed to get the ring around the target a couple of times at the carnival corner much to the stall guy's delight and claps, got mehendi done and also danced away with the Mickey mascot there- yikes to the germs on the mascot's palms !

Went to Inox and to Mayajaal to find that all tickets were sold out. So sat down to Mamma Mia on a DVD at home. Watched it with my folks which is the best way to do this, given Navy's disinterest and ignorance of ABBA. Thoroughly enjoyed the songs and we sang out LOUD. It is wonderful how the lyrics just come back after all these years... and in any case Meryl Streep is enough reason to watch this flick. She has a MadhuBala like quality about her.

Other updates
Vanilla Place is conducting a workshop for kids (3-6 yrs) for a week during Navrathri Holidays. Sounds fun.

Story trails has a lot of stuff for kids for the holidays

Hippocampus may take in Anush now since she is 3 yrs old- need to check once again

Falguni Pathak was in Chennai. I am not sure I would have enjoyed it but Anush may have liked it there.

Planning an official trip to Mangalore mid week. Wonder if I can try and do Udipi while there.

Need to plan something for the long weekends in October.


Mama - Mia said...

anush sure seems to have had fun!

but i get really upset seeing these maddeningly extravagant weddings... so much waste just to show you have money!

and lotsa stuff happening for kids in Chennai! all of it sounds cool! and what are the plans for the long weekends?



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Artnavy said...

mamamia- u r right

but my point is that those who do it feel justified - i am sure our eating at an expensive restaurant must seem extravagant to our maid for example

Choxbox said...

LOVE that wall.. thats in your house? okay i take up your offer, am parking at your place in jan ;)

and also could you please get me an invite to one of those nautankis..err, receptions?! haven't ever been to one :(

for oct weekends - try bengaluru? and also how do you manage so many trips to all the cool places?! btw apparently the drive along NH17 is fabulous, if you overlook the condition of the roads in some stretches that is.

anush's art is cool btw. pun(!) unintended.

Minka said...

Art, there is a rail museum in Chennai ? ( saw your comment on MM's ) - where is this heaven ?

BTW, I am quite tempted to send Bubbles to vanilla place for the Navrathri program but I am not sure how he will take the diya making, dandiya dancing etc. I decided to spare him ( more importantly the other participants ) this time.

Artnavy said...

choxbox- sorry to disappoint- no that wall is wishful thinking- see the caption below....
" How i wish" it says- our builder did not let me paint my balcony wall which was to be either like this or a warli theme- this is at a restaurant on ECR

minka- rail museum is in avadi road- we could do it together if u wish
i am also not very sure about the vanilla thingie- the logistics bother me

Choxbox said...

btw why do you have to wait till age 3 for a library to take you?!

Artnavy said...

their reading sessions where you can sit in has that age requirement

of course taking books home can and does happen anytme

Choxbox said...

oh ok.

don't completely agree with their policy though. in fact i'd say reading sessions might make a kid take an interest in books early on. even under-2s.
what do you think?