September 19, 2008

(Key)Words worth

I was ready to doze off at work ( i am really feeling tired) and thought let me check on the key word stats

I find someone looking for Tamil undies landed on my blog- here

Wonder what he/ she really was interested in?

Was it a linguistic mission or a pervert's quest?

Was it a non Tamilian or Tamil person?

Or does this person think Tamils wear a special kind of undies?

Is he looking for undies of Tamil origin- so would the brand name have to be written in Tamil?

Would be fun to know or then again, maybe I would rather not know....


Minka said...

maybe he's a non-tamilian person in the navy who got hooted at for saying "off to the jetty". Or maybe .... ok , I will stop now !

Anonymous said...

I've done that more than once. My husband is from TN and i'm not. So everytime i talk to his grandparents, i google for words. Although, i wouldn't talk to his grandparents about undies.

Fuzzylogic said...

Hey Art!I'm back in blogsphere and wanted to drop a hi and see how you and Anush are doing. Will be back to catch up on all the things I have missed.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is bliss!

Krishnan said...

Serendipity is the word when it comes to blogsphere. I have stumbled accidentally on many a blog and rather relished reading them.

Anonymous said...

do tamilians wear undies.. i am surprised?

Artnavy said...

okay okay

welcome back Fuzzy

Mama - Mia said...


i need to do this too! just to find out who (if any) are the people coming to my blog!!



Artnavy said...

mama mia

u give me a complex

with the zillions of comments people like you and mad momma get that shld not at all be a concern for u folks