September 02, 2008

My picKs

On the eve of my favourite God's "b'day"- Ganesh Chaturthi here is an ultra cute pic from Gheehappy. They have a book and tees for kids for sale. Fantastic stuff.

Since I missed Krishnashtami this time on the blog, here is also one of this mischief monger.

The name board of a baker in Colombo-
Good word play ( unsure if intentional) of Movenpick- my favourite ice cream.


Mama - Mia said...

ganpati is the only god you can unbashedly call CUTE!!

and these pics are just that!!

move & pick reminds me of KentAcky Fried Chicken you get in bangalore! :p



Artnavy said...

does it taste like kent yukky fried chicken??

just kidding

happy vinayaka chaturti

Choxbox said...

there used to be a pick & move in hyd..

Anonymous said...

The gheehappy website is truly cute. Thanks for putting it up.

Artnavy said...

chox- sounds like a better ordering of words

ss- welcome- i thought it was really cute too