September 04, 2008

God's plans

In case you did not know Chennai is the new Blore- for the wrong reason We have scheduled power cuts ranging from 90-120 minutes every day!!

Given that water and weather conditions are anyway almost unbearable in Chennai, it is a pity that we have a power crisis on our hand now.
Eco friendly conventional clay Ganesha- ultra cool with the ac as the backdrop

Ganesh Chaturti was celebrated at my parents' place and Anush actually sang along in bits and pieces when I sang " Gaja Vadanaa"!! Wonder when she grasped it

In the new home, we sang all the Ganesha songs we knew and Anush was a very keen rasika.

Anush was gifted a Bal Ganesha key chain since we realised there was no ganesha in her room, She went about singing happy bday to you Ganesh for a while

Evening was spent like a usual holiday- watching - no no - Dark Knight continues to evade me- we saw Wall E. A really sweet and short animation romance between robots.


Blogeswari said...

Mann pillayar! very 'cool'!

Mama - Mia said...

cute!! :D

and i wanna see Wall E too! and was bit disconcerted by the new look to start with!!

getting used to it will take l'il time, but its niiiice! :)



Jayashree said...

I've been wanting to watch Wall E too. Btw, your header looks beautiful.

Rohini said...

Love the new look!