September 02, 2008

Mob fury and road rage

The scene was straight out of some pot boiler movie

On Friday on the way to office, there were huge number of school uniformed boys holding lathis and shouting and moving menacingly about the road.

Further down the policemen were just looking on!!

A Tata bus was on the wrong side of the OMR and I hear it had hurt one of the students from the school. Here is the write up in the paper

Unpardonable and yes the rage was warranted but to manifest itself so violently !!??

Not only did they damage the "culprit" bus but also vandalised a couple more stopping - innocent buses in which people like you and I may have been travelling to work

Where were the school authorities?
Why did the police not control the children? ( though the news report says otherwise)

They are still a few years short of being adults. What kind of citizens will these kids make?

Is it the movies which turn them into mini vendetta machines at such a tender age?


Choxbox said...


Minka said...

sounds terrible. I am guessing it's watching too many movies. Rash driving is an unpardonable offence. But taking the law into your hands is much worse I think .

Artnavy said...

i am so glad you agree that such things are terrifying and even distressing

some of my colleagues were justifying the kids' actions!!

Mama - Mia said...

the whole mob hysteria is scary! and when kids come down to it, its even worse.

you remember watching Krishna video... a song by Leslie Lewis. spoke about this thing. beautiful piece of work.



Artnavy said...

colonial cousins waala song? realy nice one

Anonymous said...

i was there... it was really disturbing.