June 26, 2008

Anush's New Address

Welcome to Anushka's new room

Anush peeping from behind the hat given to her by Lavs .

The lounge chair is for Anush's parents' comfort , The diwan bed-cot is the old one I wrote about in yaadien

Anush's recycled postbox seat with her current equivalent of "God Knows! " - Gunnu Kishore

This is my room?
Why you make it so many colours? Why you make it so clean Amma?
Why you got blue horse amma- rocking rocking?
Why you written A- B- C? Why you keep boat stickers?
I was worried she hated it - the little monster.
Then she said-
Amma, I like it, very nice! And did a little jig.

Now it is
You want to come to MY room? MY toys? MY name? MY postbox chair etc etc
Talk about starting young on property rights


How do we know said...

Ha ha!! Young indeed! This girl is a gem!

Mama - Mia said...

will you adopt me??!! :p

gorgeous room for a pretty n smart gal!!

enjoy Anush!! :)



Lavs said...

Lovely header image....
Lovelier room....
Looking at Anush, even I want a hat!! Now I know why people keep saying that they want a girl so that they can dress her up to their heart's content:-0

Minka said...

Lovely room ! I love the name plate thingy.

Shobana said...

I loved the name plate. More details on it please...how you made it? or how and where you got it made from? All that.

Collection Of Stars said...

WoW! That's a lovely room that Anush has :)
Congrats! You have done it up real well.

Artnavy said...

thanks for the compliments

abha- of course!!

minka/ shobana
the name plate is actually a discarded bit of wood on which I used 2 way tape and stuck teh letters

the letters are available at peek a boo patterns( Rs 125 per letter) but can be made ourselves too

never too late- now i know what to get you:-))

Swati said...

The name plate is priceless. Loved it !

Artnavy said...

thanks swati

Choxbox said...


lucky lucky anush!