June 30, 2008

Nine years ago

....today Navy and I officially became one. Nine years of marriage- not as grand sounding as ten.

I tried to figure out what it is that makes us tick- I could hardly find any reasons why. We seem like such an odd couple. Most recent case being we are polarised even about paintings !!

And yet
We make beautiful homes together ( at least in our eyes)
We often think the same things/ say very similar things
We even wear the same colour clothes inadvertently
We both try hard, whether we wish to admit it to each other or not :-)

And not to forget our little helper Anush

So Navymaama, I love you not for sentimental or several 100 reasons( as the song goes) but I love you because you are you and what I am when I am around you


We also celebrated my parent's wedding anniv ( 34 yrs) last Friday, at Bombay Blues- truly sentimental journey to beloved Mumbai. Excellent service and good food- must check out.


How do we know said...

Congratulations!! Loved this post!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!Never commented on your blog before....You have a lovely blog you say so much with few words.

Swati said...

Happy anniversary !!

WhatsInAName said...

Oh wow!
Happy anniversary :)
Heres wishing you 100s of years of togetherness!
And yes I really like the sizzlers of Bombay Blues too!

Itchingtowrite said...

happy anniversary! and did u eat the brownie sizzler

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and many more to come...


Krishnan said...

Happy Anniversary Wishes ! Wishing you and Navy many many years of marital bliss.

Artnavy said...

thanks all

irchy- of course

Mama - Mia said...

happy anniversary and wishing you many more ahead!! :)



ps: shud go to Bombay Blues in bangalore! :p

Mama - Mia said...

ps: LOVED Anush's card!!

Cee Kay said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Choxbox said...

happy anniv! beautifully said!

Artnavy said...

thanks all

Alan said...

Happy Anniversary You Two!

We just passed the 19 year mark and are so in sync that communication is almost telepathic at times. When doing the Sunday morning crossword puzzle, if one of us comments on a random clue, it's always the clue the other person was looking at.

All the best in the future.