February 05, 2008

Tag Here

It is probably the longest break I have had from blogging.

All thanks to a cable cut in the Mediterranean and a work overload at office
I see the traffic to my blog has also dwindled

Anyway here are 2 pending tags...

God bless ..... from lavs
All the little kids I have got to know through their mother's / father's blogs
Lavs herself and Kodi's mom - who are going to be moms soon,
Choxbox- who is like a soul sister - i always scoffed at the concept till i heard from her
All those bloggers missing in action- sts/ apu of alongway - i guess i may soon be counted among them myself !

Purani jeans aur guitar.... I used to love that song)

I am a born collector- no not the IAS kinds. I have books even one that was a prize in my first standard, cards, stones, feathers, from all over

But here I would like to talk about my bed, A solid teak,, no frills type.

Made when I was born , it sat alongside my parents bed for the first few years.

As I grew older and we shifted to Vijayawada it had its legs shortened so that it could roll under the larger double bed. This was before sofa cum beds made an entry

Then we moved to Mumbai and with hardly any bult in storage, this bed doubled up as storage and it was boxed in to accommodate sheets and spare pillows and occupied prime space in front of the TV in the drawing room.

Soon enough I was a teenager and had a room of my own and who followed me in- yes the oh so cool- low level bed

After a brief separation for a two year period to Ahmedabad, it made its way back to Tamil Nadu post my marriage. It began its innings as a Diwan for the first few years and now is the bed in the guest room.

Very adaptable & versatile, it has stood by me and will make its way to our new home as well later this year

Oh yes, one small detail- it still has the same coir mattress it came with!! That I am going to replace though.


Lavs said...

Thanks for carrying the tag forward.

Choxbox said...

Thanks Art :)

How do we know said...

this is such a sweet post!

Krishnan said...

Missed your posts very much. Glad that you are back.

Choxbox said...

Tagged, again.

Btw isnt it time you revived Muthu?

Artnavy said...

thanks krishnan & howdoweknow

muthu will be happy to hear that- will take up teh tag shortly