June 24, 2008

Tell me why?

Some mothers are so worried about the curriculum, the rigour of teaching and mixed age environment- that too of little 3 and 4 yr olds? Even I have been the culprit sometimes. Does it matter that much?

While we have to be realistic in a competitive world, isn't schooling only a part ( even if a big part) of raising a child. What about the stimulation at home and otherwise?

And WHY are people so wary about changing schools? I have changed 6 or so and only gained from it. . .

If the right school guarantees success and if all children can be moulded into little geniuses would we not have a world full of only good schools and super achieving kids?

How boring that would be!

PS Anush's second day was better - she went in reluctantly today but she mentioned to me that she did not cry in class and had a nice time with the new chithi. . .


Mama - Mia said...

hear hear!!

this whole schooling business has actually started worrying me!!

does it matter if Cubby can show his nose by the time he is 11months! or whether he can rattle of 1 to 100 at 2 and a half!!

its just so crazy!!



How do we know said...

u have a print of a Ravi Verma in your pooja place. it looks very soothing.

Schooling hasnt started to bother me yet, but i agree with you in principle.

Choxbox said...

hear hear! well said!

was just thinking the other day about this batchmate of ours - he was at the bottom of class in b-school and got a relatively 'bad' time at placement time. started his own venture and now is doing phenomenally well.