June 18, 2010

Mommy Guilt Trip

Life is full of thin lines and tough choices for a mother........

It begins even before the delivery
Can I eat this or not
Am i being careful enough or is the baby inside finding it tough
A C sec or a natural
A n epidural or not

Then it moves on to
To breast feed or to express or formula
To work or to take a break
Diaper or cloth

Play school or not

Which mother has not been on this train?
All you mothers have been?!! ( I knew it)

And it is not a pleasant ride. The sooner we realise it the better. Just learn to enjoy the Mommy trip and drop the guilt. Or the guilt will trip you!!

Generally I go with the flow - hence I do not moon about ( at least not too much).

As an only child turned mother of one I was learning the ropes with Anushka. I hardly had any experience with babies- no babies in my family since I am the oldest in a very short line of cousins. I was guilty of paranoia, over protectiveness, over indulgence.

With the second one I feel like a pro but I still wonder if I pay too much attention to one over the other. And that varies each day. So I guess over all it equalises.

Most recently, for those who feel working from home is great, let me share with you that I feel miserable about keeping the children at bay.

But NO ONE is a super mom. If they let you believe so they have good convincing skills
There are umpteen times motherhood makes you eat humble pie. But that is okay and humble pie is tasty.

My very dear friend has initiated this contest. Do participate.


The Kid said...

lol @ "humble pie is tasty"

Vidya said...

First time here and came in from Lavanya's. Yeah, every mommy treads this path:) And thanks for the contest link... Had just posted a story. Looks like it fits the theme..

Shankari said...

Will mull over the post and then comment! I wanted to comment about the wood panelling :) Absolutely love it

artnavy said...

thekid- how is marriage treating you?

vidya- welcome here

shankari- tnx! the new template format from blogger offers this bckgrd. i thought u may something about the buddhas

sandhya said...

I always felt that the silver lining about mother's guilt was that it keeps you from making the wrong choices as much as is humanly possible, and that makes it my guardian angel.

ambulisamma said...

We are individulas by ourselves,so cannot avoid a guilt trip.

Choxbox said...

@sandhya: well-said wise woman!

sandhya said...

@Chox: Hey, I trip up as much as the next person. The guilt then pulls me back to the straight and narrow!:)

artnavy said...

sandhya/ chox/ rest- do send in your entries to Apu!!

It will make for collective learning .....