June 18, 2010


One of my favourite decor blogs recently had a Buddha Corners post. I do not think my camera or photography skills will earn me a place there and in any case that post is done.
Yet I thought I could share some of the Buddhas that grace our home and give us a lot of calm.

And laughing Buddhas do not evoke a sense of serenity in me- so I have not included those here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

Whenever I see snaps of ur home, ur home looks very neat (dust free). How come u get time for dusting/cleaning in ur bc schedule (like writing, working, roaming, mother of 2 kids..) u r great...


artnavy said...

undue credit to me

dusting is delegated to the maid!! small nooks i cross check and tell her from time to time..

but no not all corners are dust free and not all the time

Shankari said...

Kokila said what I had to say actually! I did see this post yesterday but I was running late for two events that I had to attend. But the post remained in my head! I went to a friends place after her son's graduation(from kindergarden) and she had a laughing buddha and you are so true, they do not evoke a sense of peace!

I love buddha statues but I am very nervous about getting one with the kids running around. Also here I don't have a showcase kind of thing wherein I could put the artefacts and ensure they remain what they are supposed to be without going the "Belur Halebedu" way! Waiting for mera wala corner stand that I have been bugging H to get for me. Hopefully one of these days!

Yesterday evening we went out to dinner to a Indo-Chinese/Thai place. Food was very very okay, these guys had a bar with buddha statues among all the liquor. I was quite amused and shocked also! Not only was poor buddha sitting with liqour all around him, they had placed a couple in front of him also!!!!

That said, I love love love the Buddha on the dark brown dresser?? and the one in your garden. The one in the garden really appealed to me. Did you buy that in chennai?

Artnavy said...

hi shankari

buddha and drinks!!

we got it at Ode gallery ( valmiki nagar)