June 21, 2010

Wonderfully Out of the Way!

Anush had been with her grand parents for an outing somewhere near IIM- B. She called me to say" Amma it is raining here and I saw a rainbow- it is a little light and only 3 colours.... Is it raining in Bangalore? " Looks like only our locality is Bangalore in her mind...

Anush in Wonderland was what it was at Wonderla . She took all the kiddie rides which she loved and repeated them and took one adult Pirate Ship the only one which she thoroughly disliked. She enjoyed the rain disco too and amused me with her moves.( very non Bollywood and cute) Navy and I were impressed with the facilities, the cleanliness, the staff, well just about everything. Even the food inside is not overpriced and the ticket covers all rides- unlimited number of times as well. We are not really mall/ amusement park goers- so this was a first.

This is the first time I have contributed to a blog launch tour of a book - Out of the Way! Out of the Way ! at Saffron Tree - do look it up and leave your comments / queries for the author/ illustrator/ publisher, at ST.


Unknown said...

i need to take lil p to wonderla soon. :)
looks like lot of fun. n LOL at is it raining in blore?

Minka said...

Lovely photo of Anush in the header. Is this a new camera or is it just the colors and lighting in that snap ?

Choxbox said...

nice header art, as always. what a sweetheart she is.

artnavy said...


here is the link

Artnavy said...


friend took the pic - SLR and all-- i still use my cellphone camera- easy to handle


sandhya said...

Two options:
1.You could think of an alternative career as a photographer.
2.Anush can consider a career in modelling. She is extremely photogenic, Art!
And a thumbs-up for the blog-tour.

Shankari said...

Lovely picture of Anush! She looks beautiful.You should nazar utharoe :)

I read about you contributing in the Tulika website. Congratulations! Hopping to the Saffron Tree blog now :)

RRC.Upasana said...

I am writing to you from Nalandaway Foundation,an NGO for child rights based in Chennai. I went through your blog and found it very interesting and delightful to read.

Every year we conduct an Annual children’s festival in Chennai called “Art Arattai Aarpattam”which includes professional shows, an arts carnival and a film festival.

We would like to know if you would be interested in covering the festival in your blog.

We would really appreciate your response to this message.

if interested please send me your ID at upasana@nalandaway.org

looking forward to hearing from you.

mnamma said...

The header pic is just awesome Art!! Anushka looks soooo cute! Do post some latest pics of Aditi too.

RRC.Upasana said...

we would like to mail our brochure and details about the festival.

artnavy said...

sandhya- undue credit my friend took the pic with his slr- but yes anush is photogenic - like all kids her age

mnamma- last week header was aditi!!

shankari- danke

upasana- will email u

Arundhati said...

That header is beeaauutiful, the colour, and Anush, and that wooden effect on the sides... looks great