January 09, 2013

Breaks or Brakes

The weekend was a really full one.
We had the Karadi do at Thinkbox and I took Adi along- a worthy comrade she was!
S and her Adi also chipped in as most people did not know the songs.

Some close friends who are/ were bloggers came over for a fun evening

Met a fellow Tulika author of Let's plant trees who is just about to release his second book- Let's catch the rain! Will review is soon at ST.

The girls both have their picnics this week- Adi's first real one.

Attended the first baby shower in the building and gearing up for a carnival soon.

And in the middle of all this- my paati is seriously ill. She is 84 yrs young. She has been with us for the last 18 yrs or so.

A positive reassuring figure, especially when I was pregnant with Anush and on bed rest . She is a wonderful and loved great grand ma ....And she always says she has a very full and happy life, extremely well cared for by her daughter in law and her son.
She is "Amma" to many of their friends and paati to many of mine.

She is in the hospital, trying to recover- fluctuating in health. But fighting on.

At home, life goes on almost as usual. Except for that lurking discomfort that colours everything- as to what will happen to her. Time will tell....


Rohini said...

Hope your paati fights off what is ailing her and is back with you soon.

Kavs said...

Wishing your Paati a speedy recovery! I'm sure she's looking fwd to spending fun times with Adi and Anush.

Bubble Catcher said...

Hey Arts,wishing your paati a speedy recovery.