January 04, 2013


They usually get broken, but for the record:
- I am trying to lose 1kg a month this year
- I am going to try to get at least one more kiddy book out this year
- I am winning back some biz at work that we had lost
- I am going to be more patient

Wish me luck!!


ss said...

if u have tips on how to lose 1 kg a month, pls share it..I really need them.Gud luck with your goals

ITW said...

2 of your resolutions match with mine!!!

utbtkids said...

Good luck.
Join us for the Suryanamskar marathon Art. Would like have an enthu cutlet like you on board.

Jwala said...

Hey,I wish u good luck to achieve ur goals.Pl share ur weight loss tips for ur readers.

Krishnan said...

Wishing you tonnes and tonnes of luck :-)

Anonymous said...

Allllllll the very best, Art! :-) But- YOU want more patience? Wonder what MY resolution should be then...?!!