January 15, 2013

Pongal O Pongal

Thanks all for the wishes. Paati has moved into the general ward now. She may not get back to her earlier shape but should be fairly okay.

Pongal was celebrated with ILs in Chintamani. The highlight was a beautiful temple we visited in Aalambagiri. The temples is for Lakshmi-Venkataramana Swamy and is in a small village with no signboards indicating its existence. You are unlikely to visit except if you are a local.

A protected monument, it has been renovated/ restored and is a queer mix of the old and the new. The temple, the pujari claimed is over 800 years old, including all the main deities, some brass idols and the bells.

Parrots come to the large white Gopuram and make for a pretty sight. The place is really clean and had no crowd even on Sankranti day!

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~nm said...

Sounds nice! I hope we get to see some pictures soon.

And love the Yin-Yang shelf on the wall.