January 22, 2013

Adittys Ver 3.3

I realise there have been hardly any Aditty updates:

Aditi loves playing the coffee grinder game- she will poke us in varying intensity for varying grinder like noises to be emitted.

Her Dad has this funny swish the bedsheet with magical Whoooshes which she finds hilarious.

She wants to help in the kitchen and rolls out one roti at least daily and strings or shells or cleans some veggie.

She follows her sister's lead and serves water/ snacks to guests.

She could live in the sandpit. Despite all her skin related allergies and rashes.

She is pretty focused at school at least on the Observation day!

She still enjoys singing and dancing and makes up her own stuff

She attends phone calls and subjects all callers to her songs/ rhymes and ends with Please come home.

She has begun to hoop- six times or so at a go

She cycles well but with trainer wheels
She has this need to call every child her friend and  reconfirm if they feel the same way- I have been trying to tell her it does not matter ( it breaks my heart to see her upset when some random kid says " No, not your friend" )


sub said...

all well? you haven't updated in a while.

~nm said...

She is adorable!! Love the header pic of her with the big globe!