January 30, 2013

The last few days

My Sri Lanka visit was jam packed with activity and fun. Did a trip to the Buzaar and realised we missed the Art fair there while we made it here to Chitra Santhe.

Also did the Flower Show at Lalbagh and enjoyed the corn and baji here last week. It was a bit too crowded and the lady did not appeal though the Eiffel was nice enough.

Celebrated the 30 year wedding anniversary of an uncle , a lovely affair.

Other updates, LOL:

Aditi is joyously singing Mere Boob mere..... instead of Mehboob mere- the Sushmita Sen song!

She had learnt to say My name is in Kannada and in Tamil.
Earlier she would say pear instead of payrr in Tamil.

Two very diff notes of 1K denomination in SL


~nm said...

Had such a laugh at "Mere boob mere"...

So where are the pics from the SL trip?

shubha said...

Mere boob mere part is hilarious..I love how you write very simple and yet very catchy

Sunita said...

LOLing at "mere boob mere"

You need to do a more elaborate post on the SL trip. Places to visit and things to see etc.