January 21, 2013

The weekend that was

Was a part of the Pratham Calendar launch and narrated a couple of their stories- Too many Bananas and Subbu The Signal. The girls came along and had a dekho as well.

The kids are making friends at the new place and are occupied with dance and karate apart from the general goofing around and cycling. Two playmates have spent time at home with Adi and she is really beginning to share her toys willingly.

My trip to Ahmedabad was wonderful and had time to visit my hostel and room in MICA. Also did a Heritage walk which proved fun.

Am most disturbed by Lance Armstrong's confessions as I was a BIG fan.

Read Sins of the Father and enjoyed an adult book after a long time.

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Unknown said...

Love your new home! Glad the kids are settling in.. :)