December 21, 2012

Kids' Round Up

The girls had a great introduction to the new apartment with the Christmas Party.

Anush was joyous to be part of the tougher carol singers group and did a splendid job despite being unwell that day.

Adi had fun in her skit with her moment of glory being joyously excaliming " Be happy!!"

Both the girls got binoculars from 'Santa.'

Meanwhile at school, Anush stood second at the story telling competetion in school. A surprise to her as we were in Orissa when the results had been announced and she had no clue.

At the Maths Olympiad, she has cracked the tougher problems with ease but made some really silly mistakes. When I highlighted that, she was disappointed and I quickly made amends and told her the ususal- Participation is key etc. ( To be frank, I myself do not believe that and feel shallow telling her that) This parenting gig is tougher than it seems.


Easy Library Kormangla is hosting the author whose book my mom edited. Shld be exciting


Anonymous said...

Merry X-Mad dear art. Loads of hugs and love to the little ones.

Warm wishes


muse said...

I'm a regular reader of your blog and took inputs from you when i was hunting for a playschool for my elder one - same age as Adi.

It is so good to read because you are so genuine - the bit about feeling shallow while telling her about participation in the math olympiad really touched a chord. Thank you for being you.