December 20, 2012

Books and travel


Was at Mahabalipuram at one of my favourite places of yore- Temple Bay. Apart from the annual get together we had cool games including one where we walked on Fire and Karaoke and of course a lot of dancing!!
Great fun.


Went to the B' lore Book Fest on the way back home and got about thirty second- hand chapter books ( from ordinary Rainbow Fairy series to treasures like the Hodgeheg) and some Tulika ones of course. Was glad to see mine there in the pile at the Books for Change stall.

Proud to say I resisted buying too many picture books. For want of space , nothing else. Found the stalls to be fewer but better organised this year.

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TPL said...

Hi Art! I was at a book fair too albeit in a different city :)
Weight restrictions decided my book haul.