December 22, 2012

11 years and a Treasure

I just received my 10 year service award yesterday. ( I have completed eleven and  a half eventful years ( more up than down) with my employer)

A collage of pics from over the years had been put together and I have certainly GROWN in this organisation!!

More than the award itself, which is a princely gold coin, the lovely, genuine sounding words from bosses / super bosses and colleagues were a delight and will be treasured.

I am sure they will come in handy on the rare rainy day or Monday when I feel gloomy and in doubt as to what I am up to at work.


Krishnan said...

Congrats !

Kavs said...

Many many congratulations on your achievment!

How do we know said...

Many COngratulations Art. You completely deserve it, and more!!