July 04, 2011

Of Boo, Bloggers, Benjarong and a Boy

We had a get together on Friday evening for Tinner ( as JLT thoughtfully coined) in honour of our visitor from Switzerland- Boo and her adorable daughters. She was one of the first mommy blogs I read before embarking on blogging.

The do was held at my place and a lot of lovely ladies ( Mamma mia Abha, JLT, Monika, Poppin's Mom, Aryan's mom, Starry, Collection of stars, Artsy Craftsy Shruti, P, A, and Boo of course) and lovelier kids turned up. Lots of banter, craft courtesy Shruti, eats and fun happened.


Our wedding anniversary on Thursday, was marked by a yummy- rich dinner from Amma with both my SILs joing us as well and the girls having a ball with the cousins.


The poonal ceremony of Navy's young nephew was interesting and I was amazed at his involvement with the rituals and even allowing his head to be tonsured. S, really awesome! Anush is enjoying Blore a lot more due to the multiple family dos and therefore her proximity with her cousins/ second cousins galore.


We went to Benjarong last night with my maternal aunt from Delhi. A must do even in Bangalore. ( had only frequented this place in Chennai so far)


sandhya said...

Wish I could have made it for the bloggers' meet! Next time.

And yes, isn't it great having extended family around?

Unknown said...

I had an awesome time at your place. :) Thank you for having us over.

Swati said...

Me too me too :)

Loved meeting you Art :)

Mama - Mia said...

what fun that was! and what an awesome hostess you are!

benjarong has been on my wishlist for a while! soon i hope!