July 05, 2011

A decade ago

Just ten years back I joined the company I work with.

The highs have outnumbered the lows
This off site - work from home arrangement seems to be working okay for the most part. Touch wood.
I wonder if I could work for any other company other than this one. I feel almost wedded.
But I saw an unanticipated boss change this year and managed to get through that. So who knows!

Till then, I hope I enjoy this place and this place enjoys me.


Bubble Catcher said...

Congrats on completing 10 years.
Sounds like a great place to work if they have agreed to let you work off site.

Artnavy said...

thanks BC

It is a nice place and one gets used to things as well no?

Divs said...

Am curious...which employer do you work for?