July 27, 2011

Aditi at 22

Just two months shy of two!

Dear Aditi

You are very loving and giving, Anush is very proud of all the things you do.
You are a really tough kid- a complete gem at Tirupathi

You fave song is Wheels on the bus by Singing Hands

You love to copy Anush and say" funny" and laugh with anyone who does

You enjoy school though you hate going to it

You are fighting chocoholism and succeeding

And as you say- 'ove you!!

MY amma ( which is what you call me nowadays)


sandhya said...

Hugs to Aditi. 22 months already?

Swati said...

She is a cutie !! When is her Bday ?

Artnavy said...

yes S!!

25 Sept
maybe your little one will time itself then??

DC said...

very cute :-) and she looks like a bunny in the photo :-) so so pretty :-)

Artnavy said...

she was indeed enacting Little peter rabbit....:-)

Unknown said...

awwww.. shez a doll..
N i loved how she went aditi's .. aditi's for stuff that she wanted.