July 25, 2011

A rock show- Tirupati Ezhumalai Venkatesa

The Tirupathi trip was nothing short of a rock concert.

They jostle you, they scream, they move you about- and all want a bit more time with the Idol.
There is even security that won't get you close or let you hang around a second longer.
But we had darshan post a 3 hour wait which I am told is great.

The journey was fun with Anush and Aditi the only grand kids,they got all the attention from both sets of grand folks around.

We saw a lovely procession of the Goddess and two splendorous elephants and a live Veena recital as well. Not to forget, the enticing whiff of besan fried in ghee ( amma, said Anush,  this smells like boli/ puran poli) every time the breeze blew that way...

Do not buy the 300 Rs ticket since that queue moves slower than the Rs 50 one.
Opt for the Blore/ Chennai Tirupati 'branch' temples if you are not particular.

This is no place for the faint hearted. We were certainly blessed to have non whiny kids! Their mom was far more cranky about the experience!


Krishnan said...

Yes I guess 3 hours wait is nothing compared to nightmarish 10 hours plus and more.

Bubble Catcher said...

I have never been to Tirupati.the in-laws have been trying to convince us to go with BB.But why jostle and push your fellow worshipers and act like the 10 extra seconds of darshan will change your life forever?prefer the peace and quiet of the little temples/shrines.