July 29, 2011

A quick trip

Did a whirlwind trip with my maternal aunt from Delhi to Chintamani.

The drive in the rain was amazing. Everyone had a ball in any case at home.

Was wondering again why Snickers can't set up a plant there given the awesome quality of peanuts you get.


I had a haircut and am mighty pleased with the results. On the way to short hair again.


Aditi has measles- must be why she has been out of sorts since we returned from Tirupathi.

New learning- vaccines are not a complete guarantee.


I have been given a new account recently at work- one that will take me to Delhi at least once in couple of months. Beginning August. Shopping, M and MM here I come.


Rohini said...

Poor baby. Had to suffer the vaccine for nothing too. Hope she gets well soon

Uma said...

Ohh... Get well soon Aditi...

utbtkids said...

Poor Aditi. Hope she gets well soon.

Same thing happened to my older one. At that time even I came down with an adult variation of it.

Swapna said...

get well soon aditi