April 15, 2011


Had a lovely lunch with lovelier blogger ladies at Barbeque Nation a couple of days back. Good fun.

Anush has been enjoying summer camp and it is not tedious either, leaving her enough time to enjoy swimming, kolam with her paatis and general chilling about doing nothing much. Would ideally like to take her on one more weekend trip, this time to the hills, since we did the beach just a short while ago.

Anush had her first visit to the dentist.  She has one loose tooth and one slightly chipped one which was corrected. She enjoyed herself and wanted more of  it!!

Aditi is trying hard to speak and she repeats a lot of words- empty( MPT), keep, sit, sheet, raani and so on

BTW we need a tenant in Chennai for our flat that was featured in TOI a while ago. Any interested parties pl write in to my mail id.


Anonymous said...

Hi art,

We moved to Chennai about 3 months ago. Is your flat up for sale or are you just planning on renting it out? Where is it located? You can email me at preethiravichandran@gmail.com.

Artnavy said...

i just sent you a mail preethi